I feel deeply

June is a very deep month for me especially when the Sun moves into Cancer as it has this week.. many things I explored in this post and when I wrote this Mum was still alive to share with.. I do miss her while knowing she is with me every day. ❤

Emerging From The Dark Night

I am a passionate person who feels very deeply.  When I write these word I imagine voices in my head and in cyberspace mocking the sentiment and telling me to get over myself.  Well those voices are not to be listened to any more.  FULL STOP.

A little while back following the end of my radiotherapy for breast cancer (May 18), I approached a body worker I had been having treatment with last year.  She is also a homeopath.  Besides prescribing me tissue salts she also sent the homeopathic Carcinosin.   It is a remedy used for a cancer profile of a person who as a child was gifted, sensitive, expressive, artistic and deeply passionate and in touch with life.  In the process of growing up they were pressed down by forces around them that suppressed their lively energy.  As a result the passion that got subverted turned into a longing…

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