How can I know? An astrological take on the life and death of Marilyn Monroe.

i do not remember writing this but its interesting to read it again.. Truth so often depends upon who is doing the interpreting and who is being cast in the role of the villian.. and for what purpose?

Emerging From The Dark Night

These words from a song were running around in my head over and over this morning, the next line is ‘just trust your feelings’.  But what if your feelings are often obscured by second guessing and self doubt or disconnection?

Also what about the fact that we live in a world with many people out to scam or grab something for themselves without really caring about the cost to us? People who are willing to tell us anything. How can we know they are real?

Then there is the matter of people putting their spin and interpretation on other people’s lives, often without a true or deep understanding of the reality, a reality that may have been obscured by more powerful powers that be.

Recently  I watched a documentary on the  death of Marilyn Monroe.  In it evidence was given that essential information including a red diary was removed from…

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