The sunshine of your smile

Is hiding from me

But deep inside my heart I listen

For the echo of your voice

Really I have no choice

But to love you

Now when you go

I trust you will return

To me

Even as my heart aches with those old memories

Of being left

Living bereft for all of those years

In the deep abyss

Of his absence

Was this not just

A necessary leaving

And if it felt like

Shadows of death eclipsed me

Was there not another phase to come

There were years

That the Universe withheld our meeting

They say this is the way for twins

There is just so much inner cleansing

Our souls must do

For us to be emptied enough

To bear the enormous charge

Of the unconditional wholeness of this love

In this I trust

But I do not speak of it much

I only draw as close as I can these days

To my inner knowing

For the mind will only eclipse the heart

If we do not choose to live apart

From all of these doubts

The devil sends our way

To try and destroy

Our long destined

And celestially fated

Twin soul reunion

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