A very valuable comment

The comment below was left on a post by a qualified counselor who gave me so much support when I was grieving so much of my childhood in the years prior to my mother’s death (2014-2017).. This kind of validation and support helps us to legitimize what happens to us.. When our pain is not validated then we cannot know what was deeply real and true for us.. I pray for anyone on such a healing pathway they find those who can do this for them.. we do not get wounded in isolation and we cannot heal in isolation either especially if our legitimate childhood emotional experience is invalidated or remains unlegitimized.

Those who haven’t been through such emotional rejection and invalidation, don’t know how it feels to grieve this. It is a much deeper grief, it is a very complex grief..When your tears lessen, you will know that your grief is coming to an end. The grief has multiple layers.. You can grieve for yourself, you can grieve for your family’s pain..you can grieve for others..You are highly empathetic and feel deeply..There is nothing wrong with you..only that you have been through too much! Your mother will not be able to handle any pain, any weakness as it reflects on her..(that she failed you as a mother) and also because she doesn’t want to deal with her own pain..I would definetely advise to keep your emotions to yourself and not go to your mother for support, as she just isn’t able to give you the support you need..You have to think of her as being emotionally disabled..Much love to you, always ❤

7 thoughts on “A very valuable comment

      1. I really think is the making or breaking of us.. I am seeing in my sister’s life the terrible impact of no one much seeing deep into the heart of your hidden emotional world. not that we can see everything but at least to validate these things makes so so so much difference.. hugs and love

  1. This community gives us a chance to connect with many people and sometimes, we find people who understand us or at least, understand what we’re going through. And comments like these are indeed really special and meaningful ♥♥

    1. When that happens honestly it can save our life and sanity. Athena was such a valuable help on my path..its one of the things that makes this community on WordPress so amazing. Yes, so meaningful. Hugs 🤗🤗🤗

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