Wildernesses of redemption

These nights

As soon as I turn out the lights

Memories of you come

And my heart cracks open with both

Pain and love

As floods of tears fall

You came into my life

When I was broken and bleeding

Carrying your own wounds

Your own scars

Too caught up in my own pain

It eclipsed your own

I am sorry my love

I am sorry my love

May your heart find shelter

As these days take us closer to

The brink of that abyss

Our separation caused

As healing waters drown this soul

Cleansing me of so much illusion

I see my part

I see my part

I broke your heart

Thank you for helping us to make a home

Even during those 11 years

You will never know how sorry I am

But it was just the way our cards fell

And there is never a day

My aching heart will be apart from yours

Even as our earthly paths diverged

Leading us both deeper into

Our wildernesses of redemption

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