never forget how special you are

once contained within the light of stars

you traveled so far

to bring yourself to birth

within the fallow ground of earthly beings

so often short on love and tenderness

and yet this fire of your starlight self it burned

so bright

deep down inside your heart

and every sling and arrow they sent to wound you

even though it left a mark

just forged a deeper place of knowing

here within the majestic wilderness caverns

of your soul

and now you always share with us

visions of the darkest burdens overcome

and even without your sight

you see further than many others whose eyes

still gaze upon this world


so please my darling

do not second guess yourself

and never ever forget

how unique and precious

you are

a blazing star

now come to ground

always dreaming

always weaving

these gorgeous


of magic


and soul deep meaning

scattering starlight from your dancing hands

speaking to us of invisible miracles

hidden deep within

the fires of a scar seared soul’s

earthly becoming

for Lorraine

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