cages : dying embers

release me from these cages

you built

and allow my heart

to beat in time with the rhythm of heaven

spirit is a fire

ransomed when our soul desires

are desecrated and demonized

and so it is we bury the alive and magical child

who knew beyond a shadow of a doubt

what her soul longed, needed and ached for

open the door of that place

where they said you must live

a cage in which you feasted only on morsels

and so lost a taste for embodied authentic life

keep dreaming your dreams

warm your soul but the coals of your inner fire

and do not consent to believe the lies they told you

when they say that all of your tears and rages

have no real meaning

what is the price of leaving your true self behind?

it is to ache and ache

slowly dying

beside a fire your entire being wishes to will to life

by breathing light

over all of it’s smouldering embers

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