never their fault

Hardness was all you knew

For there was never for you

A soft place to land

A helping hand

An encouraging word

Or a fold of flesh

Warm and welcoming and kind

To enclose you

In the embrace of tenderness

And so you carried all of that

And could not give us a place

To really be and breathe

But this was fate

Why do we try to reshape it

This terribly dark history

Into something it is not?

For we carried all of this

And is it not

Up to us

To leave it behind us

Even as we recognize its deepest roots

Surely a newer world is aching to be born

But how will we ever truly discover it


We do not face the truth

Of all that hardness disallowed

Or grew inside of us

As we recognise

What ever happened

Was not their fault

Was never their fault

11 thoughts on “never their fault

      1. You are so welcome. I will send you the link πŸ¦‹ it did resonate with meπŸ’™ Thank you πŸ¦‹

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