Solar Eclipse in Gemini : Sandeep Virdi


This article rings true, questioning of our perceptions and perhaps even our interpretation of past memories? since Mars is in the sign of memory right now, Cancer and in the very final degrees. To be noted too, Mars is soon to transit into Leo, therefore there will be a powerful shift when Mars moves from water in to fire in a few days time… the way we seek to express ourselves and the issue of how we relate to what we desire or take action towards may become very different in flavor.

Note also that the ruler of the Sun is Mercury and is still retrograde.. keep watching your dreams, the following quote is from another site (citation below!)

Mercury is retrograde, bringing a deep spiritual message that will change us at an identity level. The lights may go off, but the trace of light that remains will guide us to discover what is otherwise invisible to the eye.

Astro Butterfly

2 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Gemini : Sandeep Virdi

  1. Ringing true indeed. I’m so ready for the shift to authenticity.
    “A new way of being is birthed, one that is aligned with heart and spirit, one that evokes us to speak our truth, make our stance without buffering our meaning or making adjustments for the sake of peace or discomfort. The concerns of what others think have long gone. It will feel like the fog of the past has been lifted, we’ve cracked the psychological shadow of hold ups and now we know what is in our spiritual alignment moving forward.”

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