What words are we speaking?

Words do have power. Words of love spoken to water help that water to change vibration and the words spoken to and about us can set up vibrations too, can become spells or incantations that shape our perceptions and beliefs. I know for myself it helps to vocalise the pain when I am truly hurting because it needs to be expelled and made sense of. It’s often best to take this kind of rage to our Higher Power or a therapist. If we once were victims who had no voice or struggled to be heard there may be a chance the intensity of it won’t be understood by many, although The Course in Miracles does say that all attack or hurt is a cry for love.

Today words of love and blessing were sent to me despite the fact I was so angry with this person this week..it heals my heart to know my pain was understood but I see with some clarity I have not always understood others attacks as being about their own pain and answered lovingly.

The energies and words we surround ourselves with on the healing pathway are so important. As a tranatized person I see I’ve been drawn to dark things, dark energies and hurting people Some of these people were not good for me and its taken a lot of recovery to see it. Many were so hurt they shunned human contact and aid or maybe their inner scars and wounds ran so deep it was difficult to find others who could understand. These days I prefer not witnessing dark traumatizing shows and people. There is a saying..misery loves company and our deep.pain does need validation but are we perpetuating it and projecting it is the question? That said I still stay close to hurting people if I think showing love may help in some humble way and deeply aappreciate it when people who truly love me in action do so for me too

It takes a lot of work to recognise a trigger and make a conscious choice to respond differently or take a compulsive or habitual reaction to God or spirit. Who knows if this person or situation is not being given to us for learning. For example in 12 Step recovery when we pray for help with unproductive habits or reaction patterns we may find we get sent certain situations or people to work things out. Giving ourselves encouragement, looking for the good or seeds of wisdom in the difficult helps..we can pray for the strength to forebear or find our voice and power to speak in a loving heloful or insightful way. “When you did that I felt hurt disappointed and upset.” Those reactions are ours and we can investigate them. If we get repeatedly hurt we can walk away. We can also speak lovingly to our vulnerable self using words of love rather than criticism, denigration and attack. See what happens when we do..witness the power of words and also remember to offer others similar encouragement..it truly will make our days all the brighter. Everyone out there longs to be seen but not all behaviours are empowering. Wisdom helps us recognise the difference.

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