Suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Today I listened to a very enlightening talk by Gabor Mate on anger and its relationship to attachment trauma and the immune system.. This post comes from May 5 years ago when I was undergoing 5 weeks of radiation therapy for breast cancer.. It relates to the link between anger, disappointment and grief which has been such an ongoing theme and is of interest to me as Mars in Cancer moves into my 12th house today.. This relates to the buried subconscious dynamics with strong ancestral roots. The breasts also relate to Cancer and emotional nourishment.

Emerging From The Dark Night

A few days ago in my blog My Bleeding Heart I shared the dream image I had of my Inner Child with a wire hanger sewn through her shoulder and breast with barbed wire.  Today by a chain of synchronicity I was led to a video of Spartan Life Coach in which Richard Gannon speaks of the barbs of guilt, shame, self hate, ignorance and perfectionism that are hooked into us during a childhood in which parents and other caregivers unconsciously transferred their shame onto us.

Thinking about it I was drawn to the realisation that it was not my parents who were the prime offenders, but my Catholic education which focused on the idea of original sin and conditioned us young ones to believe that lashing out in self protection or getting angry and making any kind of self assertive stand against what hurt us was some kind of sin.  I also…

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