My heart aches for a world

In which this kind of violence can occur

The tender vulnerable body heart and soul

Of a girl



And destroyed

Its hard to even bear the feelings of the pain

You must have endured at his hands

And to feel the chocking in your throat

As that threat of power

Overtook, your innocence

Shattering you on so many levels

How deeply alone you must have felt

How violated at the core

And yet somehow you found the voice to speak

And justice was finally served

But what of the soul inside the one who was

So utterly corrupted

Such an act of violence

Felt like nothing

Of no importance at all?

Impossible really to understand

The how

The why

The abysmal

Devastation of this

Men overpowering



And utterly devaluing

Vulnerable woman

4 thoughts on “Ache

      1. You’re welcome. Yes, I read that post too. But you put the feelings in verses brilliantly.

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