barren zombies

barren zombies make me squeeze

putting true feeling into

a deep freeze

blocking off all meaning

damming up the watery flow of life

terrified by the gorgon’s head

turning upon the deeply suffering

a deeply diguised

attitude of dread

doing all they can to silence the screams

of a soul that cries in horror

at what becomes

of naked



sometimes when we speak

I feel such frozen terror

draining into me

the horror of the cold hard truth

becomes a bitter pill to swallow

they have had control over you for so long

you cannot cry

you cannot laugh

at times your face

a deathly ashen mask

with eyes like hard coals

its so hard to stay close

my anxiety rises

with the soul sense of the fire

they drowned out

and then I cry in terror

at the horror of an evil profession

that turns the integrated feelings

of so many souls

to ice

leaving our own souls surrounded

by barren zombies

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