The Realisation

A powerful.message.

Kaushal Kishore

Never have we seen
such a mess in life
that has broken the pride
proving again that
basically we remain
the human beings
beyond the confines
of our own created
highs and lows,
capable and incapable,
castes, creeds and religions
making us realise
our own imperfections,
and not to think
of replacing the creator..

fight is not for pelf or property,
but for oxygen that is
in abundance in the air,
but mask is mandatory..

the ruckus proves once again
that there is always SOMEONE
higher than us..

He warns us, teaches us
but doesn’t leave us alone,
He has granted someparts
of His divinity
to some karmayogis,
who are helping others
selflessly in this crisis
risking their own lives,
and inspiring others
to emulate them
to lead a life of virtue
with a spirit of cooperation
and peaceful coexistence..

the tragedy will end one day,
but the realisations…

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