Loosen : let go

I wrote this in the thick of grieving my Mum.. reading it makes me realize this time I did process the loss, unlike the one with my father that happened so long ago and seems to have overshadowed so many of my more recent struggles.

Emerging From The Dark Night


Loosen the knot from you hair

Hang your coat on the back of the chair

And lay yourself down


To the place of letting go

Where being is known

Your weary body has grown thin

And your soul tired

From trying so hard

To fix and do and get

So much so that now

You long only for this

Repose in the soft homespun places of your centre

Where no more demands are laid upon you

Now you know how her aging heart felt

At the prospect of facing more pain

Unconsciously wrought by her desire

To generate life

And that one life

That ended in so much tragedy

Dogged her silently

Never absent on any day or night

As a witness you saw

But could not understand

Her hunger for rest

Until the day at the hospital where visitors descended

Like vultures

And you saw the withdrawal, fear and tiredness…

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