To love and be loved

You are still so real

To me

The love you gave to me

The sense of us being two parts of one whole

That now when my heart breaks open

The wetness of that rain spatters over everything

I ache with the missing of the you

I thought I knew

As I feel the cold hard materialism of my past

Where things and possessions were supposed to provide

The substitute for present engagement and love

The angels say there is a band we form around our hearts

Due to the past

And that healing only comes as we allow ourselves to love

Over and over again

The band that we brace and form can keep us so bound up

To surrender the control

Means loosening the threads

And comes with the feeling of


And yet this is perhaps the journey

I am now on

All I can do is love through all of this

Even as I gaze upon the empty ways of men

Grown deaf dumb and blind to

The agonizing cries

Of the human soul’s

Overwhelming need

To love and be loved

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