To love : this wild ocean

To love is to be swept up in this wild ocean

Rocked in the cradle of our mother’s womb

But then when birth comes with the tearing

What agonies will we face

Dreaming of existance

If our entire being and all of our instincts

Are not fully embraced

In love?

What is the painful legacy that is left

When the baby cries all alone

In that cold dark wilderness

Not one parent home

To give her comfort

Oh Mum

I am sorry you suffered so

I forgive it all now

Stay close to me in spirit

I will not drown

As long as a single drop of your ocean

Of love still contains me

Brought finally to wisdom

And healing redemption

Through the shedding

Of all of these tears

And ancestors

I honor you

This was a wild sea you bequeathed to me

But slowly oh so slowly

I am trying to find a way to surface and to float

To fully embrace

The complexities of love

And living

Tumbled all around here

In the healing swells

Of this wild ocean

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