Why not?

Why not centre our hearts and souls in peace and joy? Why not seek serenity even if the wild tides of the ocean rage around us? Why not surrender it all? Why keep fighting and screaming and cursing and blaming our fate long past the necessary use by date? Is it going to make it any better? Any less painful? Why not bless it and move through not letting that resentment or psin tie us all up in knots inwardly?

Im just getting tired of hearing the same old stories of pain over and over, of things and people and situations been and gone. I am not discounting our pain. Yes it hurtvus deeply! Yes we knew loss, exile, unkindness, ignorance, lack of true deep heartfelt empathy and compassion but THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW!! Will we continue to ransom our present to old ghosts? This is what the devil wants. No end to the cycle of abuse and suffering inside our bodies, mind and hearts.

I believe God, nature, life and our own living witness presence offers us peace…if we don’t turn away. If we don’t let go of what keeps our hands all twisted up how can we grasp anything new? How can we open the door to love if we don’t let ourselves seek its healing balm, the healing balm of calm present in the live sensed in a beautiful song, an amber sunset, the soothing light of a sparkling night sky? Surely there is healing in all of this. We just have to open our hearts and say…I am alive!

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