On praise : some thoughts

In a world where there seems to be just so much criticism, judgement and blame it is a blessed relief to be praised by someone and to remember to praise creation.. It is something I am thinking about a lot lately.. I wonder if the so called ‘negative ego’ would even exist in so many of us if we were just seen and loved for who we innately are instead of shamed for not being what we are not.. This weekend I was reading a book by preacher Joyce Meyer that spirit directed me towards at the local library and out of interest I also started listening to her You Tube videos…. This is not usually something I am in to, would be the kind of thing I may be more likely so shy away from but to be honest the ideas of praise,gratitude and giving thanks are beginning to appeal to me more and more lately than looking to blame or whinge or find fault… that said we do need to exercise discrimination in life and false positivity can be a curse and yet there is also a mind set that can allow us to appreciate that tough things happening to us or going down in life may lead to positive fruits if we handle them wisely..

Also its not sign of intelligence or wisdom to diss any aspect of God’s creation, even the ‘dark’ side. We can recognise that even matter is full of spirit and embedded with that special substance unique to that person, being, thing, situation or place. In this way I feel we move our hearts closer and closer to the flow of grace, appreciation and intutive understanding on any day..

Some of us may recognise the voice of Satan as the denier of what is good and true.. I could recognise it in a parent who does not let the child be themselves, who punishes a child who needs guidance and love.. I see that force in the way some of the Nun’s treated both my Mum and two older sisters…by contrast the voice of wholeness, acceptance, approval and love is more like a Christ force.. it is benevolent, it wishes us and others well, it takes no joy in putting others down just to raise ourselves up and it knows how to look for and bolster up what is full of beauty by paying it attention instead of walking around blindly, deaf and dumb and numb to life….Today I thanked everything I was even silently blessing all the people around me in the shopping center where I went to get lunch after therapy. I was mindful to give Jasper extra pats today too.. I know I wont have him forever as he is 8 now and I am so grateful to him for his companionship.. Mondays are special anyway as we have the gift of my cousin’s son Simon coming to walk him and he jumps around for joy when Simon gets here noisily reminding him after 10 minutes its time to go…. How lucky am I to have the afternoon now with my pupster… soon it will be time for a cup of tea and nice sweet treat.. I do love my Mondays… Kat and I spoke today about when therapy may end, when I may feel its time to move on, for now I dont want to miss Kat.. I am so grateful for all of the progress I am making lately.. and I am so grateful to have been introduced to the concept of praise.. I really love the way gratitude, praise and appreciation make my heart swell and open rather than contract and close down.. Maybe a lot of my past pain is finally letting me go.. Here’s hoping.. Happy Monday to all of you, may today or tonight bring you lots of blessings..

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