Stark was the winter of suffering

That left you bleeding

All you could do was run

Where on earth to find healing

When all of the faces that look on you

Made you feel as though

You were lacking

There is a pain so utter

It swallows substance up

And covers the abyss with trance

Are so many just these zombies

That society decreed

We must be

To stay alive

So long ago that kind of myth

Revealed itself to be a hollow lie

And yet I had to run and run and run

There was only a black sun following me then

As each dogged step rang out

Leaving behind an echoing litany

Of bereft helplessness

Now I shudder to think how it was and yet

That was the hollow ground

I must possess

That was the painful healing I had to seek

So I could no longer allow my hungry soul

To be devoured alive

By meaninglessness

4 thoughts on “Meaninglessness

  1. Wow. Just wow. So profound and so deep. Beautiful and terrifying in its courage. I can relate. Thank you for sharing this.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.

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