You won’t see

You wont see the grief I hold deep inside

As I walk away smiling

There was not a time I lied about anything

But sometimes I know the look on your face

Will not be worth the telling of it

Long ago I entered another world

Where there were hovering all around me

So many shadows of darkness

That fell upon the countenance of those I loved

And longed to love me

In return

And so it was I was pierced

By that ever so silent neglect

To me

You see

Love is attention

Not just to surface things

But t0 the soul of someone

That seems to go on beating

In eternal silence

So if I walk away quietly crying

You wont see the tears that fall

So what was the point of it all?

Still I keep trying to enter your world

To be a part of it


When I was always marked for something different

Something deeper

I do not really know if you could ever fully


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