As simple as speaking to Spirit

This is so chock full of wisdom… I just had to share.. it really spoke to a truth..

Self Discovery

One thing I can say for the past year, is that I have found it super simple to stay in touch with the spirit realm. AKA Home!

It is strange to say out loud to others how I heard from spirit that this or that is going to happen. And things happen. I get some sideways glances and those nervous little laughs. I really don’t mind, but it has me feeling alone in this world.

The funny thing to me is I hear spirit more when I am vacuuming or doing something. I asked Spirit why, spirit told me it was because I get out of my mind and can hear them easier. As they explained (and yes, there is more than one) but I pretty much only hear a female voice.

No, I do not have any mental disorders that I know of.

As Spirit has told me, we…

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