To me mellow is more blue

Than yellow

It is a tiredness that sweeps over me

After I see the uselessness of illusions

And become wise to the ways

All of my frenetic running only led

To exhaustion and utter heart break

Why was it so hard to let go?

Why did I try for so long

To push against the invisible tide?

I could not help but love you

But now there is an ache in the place

I used to search for you

There is an emptinesss inside the space

Deep inside me that resonates with your name

As I sense you

Becoming lost to me

Maybe because you feel so lost

In you

So now all all I can do

Is bathe in the reality

Absorb the healing cool of the afternoon breeze

Rest in the shadow of my old tulip tree

And say goodbye to all of these painful memories

And my longing

For you

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