On forgiveness

Forgiveness shows me the world is not perfect

that it demands of us a working towards progression

in life, in love, in relationships

a freeing up of stuck stagnant energy that leads nowhere good.

Forgiveness is a recognition

that if I do not let go of or channel the hurt

it will only rebound on me

I will be then chained to the rock of resentment

doomed to live the same painful events over and over..

never using the suffering as medicine to transform and move forward

Forgiveness shows me there is a new opportunity I can take

if I am willing to let go of old trances

Forgiveness shows me I do have some power

mostly the power over the attitude I take to people and events

Forgiveness shows me I can reach for light

even in the midst of great darkness

Forgiveness shows me I can show mercy

and not let judgement fix or freeze me in places

that only turn the fire of my spirit to ice

2 thoughts on “On forgiveness

  1. Sometimes we punish our selves, for others’ mistakes, and, we trap ourselves, in this state, unable, to, get, beyond, what others, did to us, because, we force ourselves, to, forgive others bad behaviors, toward us…

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