A way to breathe

There must be a way to breathe

a path to set free

the trapped bird within my chest

that thrives on life and hope and trust

and openness

There must be a force of love

that from heaven’s above

sees the mess we made

and patiently waits for us to awaken

to the truth

Where are we going?

And why are we so far from home?

Oppression is this weight

that we created by the meaninglessness

We lost the path to find the way

home or else forgot home

surrounds us

How to treasure it?

to make recompense

or is it all too late for us?

Surely our heart

and lungs


how to to breathe.

9 thoughts on “A way to breathe

  1. I’ve held my breathe my whole life, it seems. I really like the imagery in this poem. I hope too that one day I can relax into life. I’m hopeful. 🙏 Beautifully written and honest.

  2. Surely breathing will bestow upon your life great healing as your chest rises and falls with what often seems like a task and often so precise a task it can not be but a blessing we don’t see… sending memories of breathing and I love this post.. beautifully written!

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