sing us home

In a tight space

I look to you

But your face is turned away

It is as it must be

I am an adult now

Even if the child within me cries out more and more of her pain


It is I who must listen to her cries

No one is coming to save her

There are times I touch base with this deep love for her


I sense her very close to me

A star from the heavens

That turned it’s heart into a stone

Weeping all alone over something others could not seem to see

They then turned their backs on me

In scorn

Its okay

I have to bear it

This coming awake must be done


Only we can set ourselves free

Others will come when we become truer to our child

And find the power to encompass her

For she is the soul in us

The very depth

The root of the root

The living proof that our true essence

Is celestial

And it is this soul that has the true power

To sing us home

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