Beauty opens its truth to us

slowly over time

like the petals of a precious flower


When we behold the mystery

that lies beneath

our soul’s truth

it may even appear ugly to someone else

to those who reject the light that turned

noxious, poisonous and dark

inside of us

Love these parts of your soul anyway

Here is the mud that gives birth

to your lotus flower

Here is the sewer of becoming

giving rise to a healing spring

Stay deep within the breathless place

until your stolen breath returns

rising and falling

undulating like a wave

even as it disappears

The Universe is here always trying to reveal to us

the foundation of inner beauty

even amidst great ugliness.

Besides these light shadows of our untapped potential for goodness and beauty, there is also the possibility of discovering a pearl of great price, a treasure hidden in a field in the midst of our most despicable parts. Jesus saw both in every sinner he met. He saw the untapped potential and the gold in the wickedness … which if turned around, could be transformed into great good.

Janice Brewi and Anne Brennan

Mid-Life Spirituality and Jungian Archetypes

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