The deep place beyond need

I just read a lovely post by Mark Lanesbury and it was about how many of our ‘needs’ lead us astray.. It also spoke of dwelling in the place beyond all of that need where we feel full, complete, whole, where nothing is really lacking.. I had a brief moment of finding this when I cut Kik app contact with Scott last night.. I thought today of how when he roped me in again last March I woke with surges of energy all through my body.. It was not peaceful the re-engagement, it was his energy body pulling on me with need and I had that need awakened through projection but it has not led me anywhere close to peace of mind and heart and body especially over the final months of 2020.

Centering within in meditation we touch this place of deeper inner connection beyond superficial hungers and needs, a place where we can feel connected and also feel spiritual love from other sources flow in should we open our being to them. I find I get in touch with this space most often in the late afternoon.. I like the feeling of fullness that comes in touching base with this place of deeper connection.. I can connect to others almost better from this place because often modern life lately just seems so driven and fraught and sometimes if they are not present it just feels lonelier than before.. In that case I would have felt more nurtured by finding ways to connect inwardly and fill up from within.

Soul longing and hungers will always exist,there is even a Buddhist writer Alan Epstien who encourages us to be open to desire, but when desire is frustrated or blocked that is when we most need to let go and reach within to deeper sources lest we be led astray outwardly on a wild goose chase that only seems to end in depletion and exhaustion.

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