Thank you for the love

Honestly guys I am sitting here in the car by the lake reading all your recent comments and a river of gratitude and love is opening up and flowing out from my chest. I truly see how we are all in this together and that a new world of love, care, and empathy as well as wisdom is coming to birth..the feeling is just so strong within me right now.

This SOT treatment I have been having is like a dose of sedative except it uses no drugs. It works with the wave pattern of the cerebro-spinal fluid which naturally bathes the body and brain as well as each cell. Last night after I got into bed a bit exhausted after a busy day of therapy..lunch out..spring cleaning at home then my second SOT treatment it was like I was being carried on a wavelike current as I felt my breath rise and fall and as my body spiralled up and down..I was semi awake and semi asleep for parts of the night.and dreaming a one dream I pushed a man down a staircase??

I fought a bit this morning waking up taking some tissue salts then got a bit activated after getting out early to do some work in the garden and escape the later heat. A lot comes up about Mum and Nana being so alone at these times. I actually cried thinking how hard my parents worked and how ungrateful I may have been sometimes but reading what Dan Seigel writes on parental presence and inward tuning to the inner world of the child and how important this is I know my parents never got this so could not give it. They were both cast out so alone…especially Dad who left his homeland at 18 far behind.

Anyway its never too late to have love in our hearts for the hurts and lacks that were never ever personal..just the playing out of human evolution, life is not meant to be perfect and when we unconsciously expect that it is fertiliser for pain and resentment evenhis the parting is must be felt and integrated so we grow in depth. Struggle just seems to be all a part of earthly life …most of all the struggle to make sense of and understand so to heal schisms and see things from a more panoramic perspective.

For me, I am opening to life. I ran into a friend at the Supermarket yesterday and invited her to a movie. I keep ringing my sister even as old hurt and anger rises up. I am cutting away from nothing as I expand the former boundaries of myself to incorporate more of life. Staying contracted and defensive has for me..never yet ended up anywhere positive. There may be a time contact may naturally fall away as I begin to recognise what is and is not healthy and nurturing. What has value for my soul.

Thanks for journeying with me..for the are all so precious to me, so infinitely precious without each other we are alone and that is okay on one level as God is always with the tide always carrying us always hoping to wash our wounded or hurt souls and bodies clean..🦋💙🦋

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