I know why people suicide

I wrote this in a low patch yesterday. I am trying to keep my focus positive today. But I do.understand suicidal longings so much.

I truly abhor it when people judge those who take their lives, yes life is precious, it is a gift but certain people are driven to the brink of annihilation because they truly believe there is no one who gets it, is there for them r understands. They are also not able to contain their own deep deep pain. Some pains are very large..some pain bodies are enormous.

Being exiled can also lead to terrible pain. My heart goes out to Julian Assange at the moment.. Thankfully he is no longer going to be extradited to the United States but my therapist and I were discussing yesterday how so many truth tellers get destroyed by the powers that be.. the ones in charge of preserving a certain kind of status quo and invested in deeper truths never seeing the light of day have a vested interest in keeping such people powerless and quiet..

I think, too, while writing this of those deaths in custody of aboriginal people who were left alone or perhaps even exposed to violence at the hands of police officers and then put into a cell without any kind of care or medical attention.. There have been just so many of these deaths here in Australia and often surviving relatives never get to find out the truth of what happened to their loved one… at least some of them were loved even if at a certain time they fell foul of powers that then left them all alone at a critical time.

Loneliness is a real killer.. Having the sense that no one cares about your pain or could care less whether you are dead or alive is not easy. that said people care but how often do they reach out to see how you are doing? I am sure so many people who try to take their lives could be helped if someone had just reached out at the critical time, though unless the person was willing to express that they were struggling taking their life may seem, at that dark, lonely, point a kind of release.. I can truly understand how it feels to be in that space even if I have never made an attempt on my own life. Sometimes the loneliness just feels so deep. But the truth is with enough of the right support things can be turned around.

6 thoughts on “I know why people suicide

  1. I so get this. People don’t understand why those in so much pain can take their life. Those who are in that pit cannot think of anything else but their pain. They only want to release the pain. Thanks for sharing.

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