Imprints and memories

Sometimes this pressure in my head

Reminds me of how I ran

And how I found it hard to stand

The feeling of being with you

Maybe you loved me more than you could show

Maybe you did not really know

The way to connect

How to express your love

Never the less sometimes I travel back

To that summer after the accident

I was so vulnerable

But no one could see

And then it would not be long

Before Judy’s head bled

On that February afternoon

Things became so dark

That sometimes its hard to remember

There once was love and light

Sometimes I wonder if it is really me

Who pushed you all away

Due to the pain

Why couldn’t you see I needed you?

Why didn’t you come

When I came so badly undone?

The truth is I longed for you

But I also longed for my life

Then the wilderness opened up

And within it I was lost

For so many years

It just was the way it was

And so it helps to cry

These silent tears

To release some of the pressure

Of accident time

Head injury

Past multi-generational pain

Soul and body crushing

Imprints and memories

11 thoughts on “Imprints and memories

      1. You know I do. One of things Iโ€™ve always appreciated about your writing is that it can rip my heart out and at the same time remind me of all the love in the universe. Thatโ€™s your superpower.โค๏ธ

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