Million Traumas

Desert flower

Reality is the biggest b@#tch

All her life she was the outsider,out casted race, a werido, a strange girl

That failed to fit into the sterotype boxes the world forced her to be in

Yet she navigated through the ups and downs

From being last to be picked in groups

The one that people fail to remember the name of

A simple exovert but a mystery to many

She was a open book waiting to be read

But no specimen dared to read between the lines

And forced her to be cornered in the inoverted space of tittle

That she never wanted to be in the first place

But today she will shout it out to the world…

Her story, her pain, her sorrows

Not for your sympathies

But to burn the agony that has built a temple within her

Every day it rings bells and chants the peace out…

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