Permission to grieve

I wrote this a while back.. Allowing our grief expression can be so hard in this society.. The post explores the struggle I had with it all.

Emerging From The Dark Night

Can you allow yourself to feel your feelings? Most especially do you feel permission within to go deeply into the grief you feel?

I am writing this post is in response to thoughts and feelings triggered after reading a fantastic blog : The Mourner’s Bill of Rights. (I am sorry I cannot provide the link right now, I am having trouble accessing it.)

When my own grief hit following my father’s death in 1985 I was encouraged to go far away from my family alone to the other side of the world. I was already indulging a lot in addiction as there was so much earlier grief over my accident in 1979 and my oldest sister’s cerebral haemoraghe, psychotic break, subsequent abandonment and loss of her family, as well as her suicide attempt.

In the absence of knowing how to grieve, finding a place and permission to grieve I now know I…

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4 thoughts on “Permission to grieve

  1. It looks like we’ve been thinking along similar lines. Yes. it is so important to grieve, and to grieve deeply for however long it takes, in order to move on with our lives.

    1. I am realising it more and more.. Also how blocked my own grief has been.. I realised today the reason I cannot walk is that I lock down my feelings, when I start to walk they come up. this was a massive one for me today… I feared being fully alive and moving forward due to the enormity of my painful feelings.. this hit me as a full force revelation today… thanks so much for your feedback, its a collective process isn’t It?

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