Breath and life

Breath will breathe me if I let it

Life will live me if I just

allow life its passage forward

no longer closing and locking the doors

bolting them from inside

There was a time I needed to hide

from the faces that showed no ounce of care

from the judgments that seemed to come out of

such ignorance

and lack of awareness

And now I see I saw an underlying truth

but still it was not complete proof

of a loveless world

And as it was

it was my own heart that lay

breathless in my chest

for want of connection

with my inner self





I looked to you

until I knew for sure

you could not see me

And so then I felt my way with blind eyes

towards someone who saw me true

Lucky me to find them

There was a reason and so I closed to life

for a while

but now

well deep inside my soul I feel these petals

unfolding as I take the risk

of reaching for your hand

and moving forward

And so I open my heart to this flow

of the ocean of life

that wants carry me forward

on a new wave

in a new way

on a new path

with each brand new day

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