dreaming in the time of phantoms

Dreaming in the time of phantoms

your soul became the prisoner of your mind

no broken shards of self left to find

among the wreckage of broken lives

and shadows that haunted you

Here amid the ancestral hallways

your soul hovers

lured by the call of a drowning siren’s song

whose chorus repeat and repeats

on an infinite loop

coiling its

meandering pathway through your inner body

ancient pain resonates

beneath the cover of bones

of love one’s passed

unknown to your kin

But when one is born

who senses the presence of these ghosts

haunting may lead

to healing

even as the call of phantoms

takes time to loosen its hold

For there are spirits who will not rest

until the suffering of the dead

finds recompense

within the lives of those

whose soul hears

the summoning cry

the call of phantoms

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