Sunshine Blogger Award

I am always a little reticent about awards as I know not everyone always appreciates a nomination, never the less, Ace of Fearless Free Soul has very kindly nominated me for this award and would love to honor that gift by answering the questions and to name those blogs that inspire me. No need to participate if you do not feel comfortable (not that you need that permission, anyway).


Thank the blogger who nominated you

Remember to list the rules and indicate your award nomination by including the logo.

Answer the questions that have been given to you

Nominate 11 bloggers who inspire you (or as many as you can)

Make a list of 11 questions for your nominees (please keep them interesting and as interactive as you can think of, so everyone involved can enjoy this process)


The questions Ace asked and answers are as follows:

What is your definition of love?

I think love is an allowing force as well as the recognition and appreciation of the essence of someone or something. Love is like a longing or fire in your heart that cannot be put out, even if others pour cold water over it.. Love may hurt us sometimes but then it always expands to embrace that hurt, just as water flows around hard boulders. Love is expansive not contractive.. It is a powerful, creative, strong but oh so gentle force.

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset! Dusk is one of my most favorite times of day, I find it poetic and magical and I always feel more in tune with self at that time, maybe because I was born in the hours after sunset.

If you could go back in time, where/when would you go?

I would like to go back in time and spend more time with my father when he was alive but with my adult wisdom. There is so much I wish I could have talked to him about.

What is one moment you will never forget?

Wow.. so many… I think the moment I first looked at my ex husband and we connected, I had a sense that moment was a huge step forward in my fate.

If there were no material things in this world, what would you want?

I am a little confused by this. I think the immaterial things are most precious, like closeness to someone special, or moments in nature where you just feel ‘touched’ by the breeze or an encounter with a bird or sunlight on the water.

What positive things has 2020 brought you?

A greater sense of acceptance around my life than I had before. In many ways I have seen less of a lot of people this year but I have felt more moments of contentment even amidst sadness and even deeper moments of connection with myself.

What makes you smile?

My dog Jasper when he is wild and free and smiling at me with that look of intense happiness. The Scottish Comedian Danny Bhoy, also. He always makes me not only smile but laugh out loud. Also when I see how ridiculous my behavior can be at times that brings a smile to my face.

If any movie could be your current reality, which movie would you choose?

Must Love Dogs, is a light romantic comedy but I adore the character of Jake in that movie played by John Cusack, he would be such amazing fun to hang out with, have long conversations with and I would love sailing around with him in his gorgeous hand made boat. I love also love the location it is set in in America. I am still hoping for my “Jake” to come along one day.

What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

Just be yourself. The opinions of others are just opinions not the reality of you.. You have a sound heart, so try to trust it. And when something feels wrong or not right, don’t bother about ‘hurting’ anyone.. Just be honest! And take a chance… You love to dance and act and its a lie that you are ‘too dramatic’ you would make a great dancer or actor. (Sorry I just realised that is not just one thing.. but I am going to let it stand.)

What color best describes you and why?

Deep indigo blue or turquoise.. I chose these two colors for my two moods, deep indigo would be the way I feel when I go into the depths and its a color that brings me a lot of comfort, turquoise just seems to mirror the lighter side of my soul on some level, and it relates to the ocean with which I feel a strong affinity.

What is your vision for the world?

That a time will come when we honor the earth and each other for exactly the people we are and are meant to be, although I am a realist and it seems it may be a deeply embedded part of human nature that we often need to oppose or pit ourselves against someone.. My greatest wish would be to see the end of all forms of destructive violence and emotional violence and for us to not use earth or each other as a toxic dumping ground for all our junk.


I am going to break the rules at this point and in the spirit of quality over quantity I am going to nominate only 9 bloggers who inspire me, rather than 11.. this is the hard part but giving it some thought these are the writers whose posts really fire me up and give me inspiration or help me to heal through embrace my trauma are :

Poet of the Light, Whispers of a Poet’s Heart

Joy Passion Desire

Don’t Lose Hope

Sara, The Wishing Tree

BennyK1972, The Written Addiction

TheFlowIntoWords, The Good, The Truth, The Beautiful

Cherie White, Chateau Cherie

AllysoAlly, in real life

Nonna, YOU…. Deserve Better!

My questions

What experience in your life most changed your world view?

Where do you find your joy?

What person in your life most inspires you and why?

What character from a movie or a novel do you most identify with?

Name three things about yourself you love?

How would you most like to be remembered?

What experience or challenge in your life taught you most about yourself?

What is your favorite kind of food?

If you have ever fallen in love, how old were you and how did you know it was love?

Do you have a favorite poem or saying? What is it?

If you had no limits and could embrace any occupation your heart desired what would it be?

Phew.. Those are my questions and thanks Ace for presenting me with this challenge. I did not shy away from it and I enjoyed participating on a lazy Saturday. I am sorry the links to those blogs cannot be accessed from this edit.. I hope you find your way there if you are interested in supporting them too, or being inspired by their sharing of their journey, ideas and creativity.

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. It was great to read your answers. So interesting. And what an honour to be nominated. Thank you. I answered some award questions a few months ago so I may sit on this temporarily and come back to it during the holidays. I hope you’re OK with that. Thanks again!! Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Wow, I loved all your answers and they were so insightful! I especially loved what you said you’d tell your younger self, that was beautifully written! Oh and I broke the rules too, I could only nominate 8, so no worries there, you did amazing!! Congrats and well done! Sending love 🤍🤍🤗

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