Problems with my hearing and some music for a happy Friday.

Life has been hard living with a denture for a few years now and earlier in the year I had to sacrifice another tooth… Due to Covid shutting things down soon after I never got my check up and I need a replacement denture to cover the gap left for the missing tooth, but expenses preclude this right now. Following the head injury of 2005 I got whacked and spun so I have spins up to a few times a day.. I have not had them today at all though. I woke early at 4.30 and didn’t get back to sleep but I forced myself to rest in bed for an hour before eating and going for a walk. I went out again and didn’t get the coming home spins which is great, but I am noticing I am not hearing well right now.. Its like I have water in my ears and its adding to a sense of dissociation, almost feels like things are a long way off or that I am under water.. .. Anyway its all fine, really the warming summer afternoons are pleasant… and I am still able to listen to my music.

I just wanted to share some music, though.. I must have lived under a rock for a while musically speaking, being a child of the 60s I was raised on music by the Carpenters, Elton John and Credence Clearwater Revival, discovering people like Taylor Swift is new for me but I just wanted to share two tracks that bring me a lot of joy.. I love music, it helps me so much, honestly would have been lost without it as a child on those lonely afternoons I came home to an empty house and used to listen to a lot of Elton John, I will also share one track I heard again last night of his I haven’t heard in years, maybe it will be new to you..

Wishing everyone a happy Friday, where-ever you are in the world.. I hope today you find something that brings you joy, too.

2 thoughts on “Problems with my hearing and some music for a happy Friday.

  1. Without music Mate there would be no caressing for the world to have a life force.

    Music is frequency of sound to correlation of the soul ” E.O.S You can use that if you desire to lol



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