Toxic Masculinity: The Silent Killer

For men who struggle.. feminists get a lot of attention for their struggle, I hope in time it becomes the same for men who suffer in silence.

May you live every day of your life.

I have and will always continue to encourage people to reach out and seek help when they are in times of distress. No matter how small or big the problem may seem, it’s never a bad thing to seek guidance or ask for help.

However, I think that for many men this doesn’t feel like an option. There is a huge stigma around men and being ‘weak’ for showing emotion. A macho stereotype which means they are never affected by things and can handle everything life throws at them.

I’m sure we’ve all used phrases such as ‘man up’ or ‘grow some balls’ as a way of demonstrating strength in a difficult situation. But phrases like this give emphasis to the stereotype that men can’t be weak or vulnerable.

An article was recently published (1st Sept 2020) in The Telegraph titled “Male suicide rate hits two-decade high in England and…

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