An empath’s prayer

God please keep my heart safe

And at peace

Free of the undue burden

Of other people’s pains, needs and problems

Help me to find security

In self care

And to know that setting boundaries

Does not make me selfish

Help me to understand the limits of what I can give

And protect me in those moments

When anxiety comes

Because I am taking on too much

Or I am overwhelmed by the feelings of others

Lead me to the quiet natural places

Where I can find my rest in you

And feel my deepest connection to spirit

Help me to let go of what is not mine to carry

And to feel the joy that comes

From feeling firmly grounded

In the depths of my own spirit.

12 thoughts on “An empath’s prayer

  1. Knowing what it is like to be an Empath, your prayer resonated deeply within me. This year is teaching me among other things how deep my sensitivities go and how my “knowing” has gotten so keen. To live during a time when all hell is loose, is extremely challenging for someone like you. The times I’ve felt shock and terror are too many to count. Distancing yourself from the world as much as possible is a must for an Empath right now. My heart so goes out to you! xo

    1. Thanks so much Amy Rose I hate to say I’m finding I have to keep more distance right now simply to touch base with peace .the worrld is so fraught and so many filled with anxiety reacting to all the reactions at this intense time and we must value and guard our sensitivity. I am learning to centre more and more in nature…simply for sanity.

      1. You do what you must do for the time being. This too shall pass. I’ve barely interacted with the world since March for it is too painful for me. Mother is my saving grace as is my home. Good for you for learning how deeply healing Mother is. SMILE! xo

      2. Honey, I don’t have my Mom. She passed 2 years ago. For most of my life I detested her for the abuse she exposed me to. But towards the end of her life I became determined to reach out to her in love and forgiveness, really get to know her, and call her almost every day on the phone. She lived out of state. I ended up loving her like I never thought possible. xo

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