Ghost and a shadow

You will forever be for me

A ghost or a shadow

Hovering by

Always remembered

But never near enough to touch

The longing and memory of you

Will be with me every day

Even though sometimes

Much of the time

These longings and memoies

Will fall into forgetting

Like a heavy stone

That falls into a stream

There may always live inside of me

This ache

At times my heart will break

Open with the sadness

Of all you lacked the capacity to give

And today I realised

That for my heart

There may never be

An absolute healing

But never the less

Day by day I try my very very best

To make my peace

With all of this.

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9 thoughts on “Ghost and a shadow

  1. These lovely poetic lines are ringing tunes in my heart Deb…
    “These longings and memories
    Will fall into forgetting
    Like a heavy stone
    That falls into a stream”

      1. I’ve had a very busy day Deb… starting this morning by helping out at a charity/fund raiser barbecue, and then to my Cafe for a coffee and cake, some grocery shopping on the way home, and now making Dinner…. and yes It’s dark and stormy here, starting to rain.. ((Hugs))

      2. It’s still very warm and muggy, and I think the rain has stopped. but my curried sausages were yummy, the leftover sausages from the Barbecue… Wow… I just got a message from the organiser of the barbecue, we ended up with a $1300 profit, a fantastic result.. 😉😀🌏

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