Hallowed ground

Here within my place of peace

at times I know my soul to be free

But it also occurs to me

that the wounding of what I endured

will always live on

in some form or other

Over time

the things I had to deny

kept knocking at the door of my soul

For even in dreams

pain which could not forget


drop by drop upon my weary soul

And so if each awakening

was like a tearing

surely that was for a reason

Why is it that in this world

there are so many forces

invested in us denying deep body realities?

When was it we all became

severed heads

walking around on sticks

ten feet high

seeking our solace in thin air

and dismissing the ground?

Was it when the sky God took heroic flight

and tried to make the Earthly Goddesses


Or when we lost the way

to embrace the soul embodied mother?

Well dark mother comes calling us all.

Will we open ourselves

entirely to

her earthly cries

The earth our soul my lovelies

needs our healing

it needs us to not be numbing out

and blocking all feeling

with something

So turn within to the place of pain

and let your aching consciousness drop

into embodiment

there is no redemption in the sky

although our restless souls

so long to take wing and fly

For now let us find a way to live

and open to the love

pouring forth

from this

the hallowed ground

we walk upon

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