I see through experience that change only comes on the brink of disaster sometimes. So when I look at all that we have been through to get to our current positions in life, it shows me that spirit is directing this movie called “Life”. I’m realizing that the spirit’s goal is to help you evolve to your higher self so that you become one with your creator. This process might take a few lifetimes and in those lifetimes you might be good in some of them and you might be bad in others. The best way to learn is through experience. When you do negative things on a consistent basis you learn how it makes the people you care about feel, you learn how your negative energy influences others. Regardless of what you get from the situation whether bad or good, the goal is to evolve. So if everything in life has a purpose, if no matter what happens the ending result is that you still evolve, are people really disconnected from spirit? I’m starting to think that everything is going according to plan. Spirit was never born and spirit will never die. The goal while we are alive is to tap into a place where you become one with spirit, your creator and the universe.

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