You are gone

You are gone

We both know it all happened

A long time ago

But things that deeply affected our soul

Do not just go away

Imprints live on

And all we can do

Is make our peace with them

Giving them space to move

Some say its better to deny

And shut the door on grief

And then they say to us

We have it all wrong

To feel the loss so deeply

But this life is not always about

Appearing stoic bullet proof and strong

And as far as love for a loved one goes

Heaven knows

It does not just disappear

With their physical presence

Even after many years

Surely there is a way to let all of these feelings be


Inside our hearts

While not perpetually binding us up

In sorrow

For there are times to feel it all

As the wave rises

And times too to surrender to the outward flow

Of our breath

As feelings leave us

Deeply at peace within the embracing


And letting go

Of sorrow

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