The split between two worlds

There has been a major swing back to winter over the past 24 hours here on the East side of Australia. A front blew through bringing much needed refreshing rain and I had to get out to get fruit and veg to the markets a short while ago, and my whole body was tingling and itching on the way there.. I noticed too while there the people awake and connected outwards and those just so caught up in their own worlds. It was so interesting to me.

The guy who has been manning my local coffee spot at the Deli for a while is such a unique and lovely person.. He is quite young with shock of almost curly afro hair but only on the top of his head.. His eyes are deep brown and he has a lovely energy.. he actually ended up getting my coffee order mixed up but it didn’t matter it was just good to have that exchange and to feel the life vibrating between us. Then standing in line at the pie shop I got over looked (as always happens with people getting seen and served before me even though I have been waiting longer) and this woman actually said to the guy serving that she had seen me waiting.. That gave me such a kick of happiness and I thanked her after getting my chicken and leek pie. Then when I got back to the car I just got overwhelmed with this deep flood of emotion.. It was so hard to explain but it is as if the world split into to halves and I was aware of this old world of deep dark suffering in which humanity has gone deaf, dumb and blind to the death of life and love and nature and then the sense of other timeless eternal world which is full of the most powerful light source of spiritual energy flowing with love and joy and movement and that was especially inspired by this track I was listening to in the hour earlier.

I keep getting this dream vision of a huge studio full of light two floors up in New York that is a dance space I own.. It just has a small kitchen and a couple of arm chairs a bed and cupboard and a few other partitions and it is just flooded with sound.. At night you can see the stars.. the space isn’t very far from the park. In this space I dance.. its what I live for deep inside my soul, to dance and almost to fly.. I got this sense after driving out of the market of this very clear separation between two worlds, the world of death and the world of life, the world of sleep walking automatons and the world of spirits awake and fully alive in human bodies but never having surrendered completely that most important spiritual connection to the stars.. It was so powerful this ‘opening’ that I cried all the way home.. And then the tears passed after I gave Jasper one of the pork bones I got for him Sad to see how trapped I got in the old world. Sad to see how much my past pain holds me down, blocking new life and love.. It was an intense experience I just had to share.

5 thoughts on “The split between two worlds

  1. I think I’ve come to need that fluctuation between light and dark—the optimism that we can overcome as seen in these small connections and the despair about the ways we continue to hurt each other. I’m not sure what I need them for, but I’m pretty sure I need them.

    1. Some of us must give voice to the truth we feel about the darkness as we need most essentially to start living in new ways that involve the healing power of love and bearing witness to the travesty that occurs when we negate this need and force. 🦋

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