Let yourself be

Just read the most wonderful post on The Written Addiction about the impossible standards we hold ourselves to (and this can filter down to others.) I wanted to share the link.

I had written a post on accepting the path of struggling but this post made me realise its time to let the struggle drop when it means we are trying so hard, especially for others. Someone just left a comment on an earlier post along the lines of its not possible to expect someone to be there for you without expecting something in return. (Was this a projection from his own POV or ultimate truth?) Truth is I just don’t get it. So am I deluded?

I learned in AA that helping others helps me. But helping with an agenda? Maybe we all have them, but I like to think some of us can help out of altruistic motives and our true desire is the peace or support of the other person to live as they are, to find and live with self acceptance and be allowed to ‘be’ and express too. Maybe that is an agenda but if it comes from love.

That said we can all gain something from easing up on ourselves.. So I hope Benny K’s post resonates for others…

Sometimes, all you need is someone to come along and lend a spark because even in the darkest times; so long as there is a spark, then there is the light.

Benny K

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