Enclosed within the force of love

I sink within

To the place

Where all restlessness and division ends

Where all thoughts of suffering and death

Are eclipsed with the overwhelming awareness

Of the endless power

Of eternity

Here I feel myself to be

Totally seen

Totally held

Totally free

As in my mind I travel back

Along the path I trod to here

Oh so many ups and downs

Times of feeling myself to be

Almost obliterated

By the powers of negation

And all of the frustration

Of things I had

No power over

But now perhaps it all makes sense

For if I am anything at all

I sense so completely

I am sometimes almost entirely

Made of love

Even as that force of love

Follows its own flow

Sometimes rising

Sometimes falling

Sometimes drawing away

With the coming of the night

And the dawning of the new day

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