stand alone

Artist : Elaine Allen

it may take courage to stand alone

as an empath or traumatised person you may be

shut out




people sense something about you

they know you see far deeper than the surface

and this can threaten people

stand strong in your power

silently (at times) is most necessary

accept that often

the price of trauma empathy and sensitivity

will be to stand alone

trust yourself

and never negate the beauty truth and light

of who you are

we are put on this earth

to be witnesses to

as well as channels for love and truth

but we also speak about the shadow and the dark

that confronts others

our purpose in healing is :

to fill up

our own cup

from light

and hold close to warmth of fire

even as we witness the presence

of great coldness and darkness

and to be honest in sharing our truth

with others who struggle and suffer too

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