Too sad… this should not be happening..


Guard us, not kill us

Tina Ezekwe, all she did was stay at the bus stop

Kolade Johnson was only watching football

Jimoh Isiaq was everything his father counted on

Ifeoma Abudu was raped and murdered in detention

Frederick was sent to the grave because of an altercation

What about Chibuike Adams, what about the poor boy?

How much longer?

Why was Tiamiyu Kazeem pushed out of a moving car?

‘Can’t leave out Ayomide Taiwo who was shot for not giving a bribe

A man standing by, he just lost his life

And a ten year old child was also murdered

The list is endless ‘cause your guns take more as the days go by

These weren’t criminals, the question is why?

I am alive but I am dead right now

Flat line on the EKG, my soul’s gone out

Everywhere’s on fire, still you choose gas over water


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