Opening : mystery

I am opening to this understanding

In this life I must relate to my human experience

But it is not always

All about me

I am part of a complex family tree

I am part of a living stream

Of energy

Unfolding and evolving

I am part of a web

That sometimes got so tangled

And I cannot escape the web

Purely through struggle

For my self

I must understand the web of fate

Is woven

And not every experience

Is consciously chosen

But the more I fight my part

In the ongoing drama

The less I learn of what an open hearted surrender

Might bring

A way for my heart

In accepting each challenge and pain

To find a way

To sing and dance

In joy again

There is a destiny I was born to live

And the stars dictated this pattern

I cannot separate myself out

Entirely from the mainstream

Or totally leave behind

Parts of the living past

I can only understand the part I played

And celebrate the times I try my best

To extend a smaller sense of separate self

To embrace

And partake in

The deeper inter – connected


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