Light irradiates the world

Sending its shimmering of love

Down through the spectrum of a rainbow

Grace attends the quiet slow movement

Of natural things

Speed and decision are the nature of those beings

Strongly in touch with instinctual energy

Only we humans

Stop the life and light from moving and flowing

Sectioning living beings into bits and pieces

Laying claim to a soul through nouns

Forgetting the potential of a human being

Is innate

And longs to unfold

Through actions that are more akin to verbs

There is a crisis that arrives

When the stream of light and life is blocked

The demons cry due to the coming of a prison

We must listen to what they are trying to say

There is another way to live

And it allows the light to flow

As it surrenders to the time when night

Must fall

As long shadows call us home

To rest

Before the coming of the new day

When light again arrives

To show us once again

The next way forward

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